Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yoshizawa Ryo, Araki Yuuko & Sugino Yosuke to star in new movie "Ano ko no, toriko"

Yoshizawa Ryo, Araki Yuuko and Sugino Yosuke will be starring in the real-life adaptation movie "Ano ko no, toriko" (I'm that girl's prisoner) based on the same-titled manga by Shiraishi Yuki which is serialised in comic magazine "Sho-Comi". The three of them play childhood friends Yori (Yoshizawa), Shizuku (Araki) and Subaru (Sugino) who pledged to become superstars when they were kids. However, after Yori moved to a place far away, he grows up to become a guy who is hardly considered as star material with his plain and bespectacled appearance. Upon knowing that Shizuku and Subaru have become a model and actor respectively, Yori resolves to meet Shizuku again by transferring to the senior high school where she studies at. He later becomes her assistant and by chance, gets roped in to appear in the CM which Shizuku is shooting. As a result, Yori shoots to fame as a mysterious young man and uncovers a new talent which he has never known. When Subaru and Shizuku are scheduled to act in a stage play together, Yori decides to confess his feelings to Shizuku after she finishes the first day of the performance. Unexpectedly, Yori hears Subaru's confession of love to Shizuku before he can do the same.

Yoshizawa commented that Yori's transformation from a dull and clumsy guy to a sought-after star is very interesting but he feels the pressure of showing the feelings of a guy in love. Especially since he feels that Sugino looks very charming, he will try his best to show Yori's growth and not lose out to Subaru in the movie. On the other hand, Araki said that this is a story which will make the hearts of girls twinge and provide some encouragement to those who are interested to enter showbiz. Last but not least, Sugino commented that Subaru is a very charismatic but unpredictable guy so he will put in effort to play this character and enjoy the filming process.

Filming will be done between 14 June and mid July while the movie will be shown in cinemas next year.

Sources: / Sanspo

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